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Target: Hastings Ch. 1
"Daddy!" Cassie's voice screeched through the research hall, "I want to go on vacation! Again!"
Warren Vidic, head of the Animus project, and far too old for this shit, sighed, "You are already on holiday, dear."
"Yeah, but here is boring. Me and Stephie want to go to shop West London!" Cassie stated much more quietly now that she was actually close to Warren.
Cassie was the pinnacle of spoiled brat. Bleach blonde hair, tan, and toned thanks to her trainer, she knew she was irresistible to men. She received a considerable trust fund to go to school for neuroscience, but she did very little other than that. Now it was summer and she was insisting on touring all of Europe, all on Daddy's tab.
Lucy Stillman, Warren's assistant, was trying her best to keep a neutral look on her face, but she absolutely hated Cassie with a passion. The feeling was mutual.
"It is such a privilege to have such a nice Daddy!" Cassie said ever-so-sweetly, trying to make Lucy jealous.
Click, click,
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She missed the petals
lying on her dresser
from a bouquet nervously,
sincerely given to her
petals of innocent yellow
soon to be red
The blossom once sprang forth
and now wept gently over her jewelry
The petals were swept away
and replaced with a bauble
She missed the pedals
and she was missed.
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My Solutions
I've been told
I'm one girl
that I can't
fix the world.
You don't see
all their tears
and you don't
know my fears.
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To Excel?
the mistakes that marred
my home
my love
my mind
my peace
if only, if only, if only
only wishing to repair the past,
or become an excellent liar
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Into the Woods
my thoughts are neither
concise nor cryptic
and thus are often
sent into the wilderness
and molested by morons
as they meander in the wood,
calling my name,
i think of a worse fate.
the right idea, the right person, but still
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The Witch of Anor
The duchess walked
to the Witch of Anor
who was quite real
despite all of the lore
No one was with her
This place was forbidden
just her and her hood
which kept her face hidden
She stepped on the porch
And the Witch of Anor
welcomed her in
and opened the door
The Witch of Anor
was a two-faced fiend
she would let you in
but never let you leave
"I want to be
what all men desire."
The Witch of Anor:
"Then I am for hire"
The duchess left
To live out her days
Knowing the debt
she would have to repay
Despite the fact
she had the men's eyes
She could not help
but feel empty inside
The duchess's soul
was left at the door
when she visited the witch,
The Witch of Anor
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The Final Show
One last bow
But I never stopped acting
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5-4-11 + 5-5-11
Whenever I saw him,
I had two thoughts
Don't panic
Stop panicking
I thoroughly pretend
I'm not nervous
Seventeen is telling
Me terrible advice
My eyes are begging me
To make-up my mind and
Look at him
or blink
The whole night revolves
Around puns and stories
The whole conversation
Is tongue-in-cheek
Despite the awkward
Despite the car wreck
Was it worth it?
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Out of sight, out of mind
Good for me, you are blind
It will come, in its time
I will get what is mine
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The Death of Starlight Dorm
Jordan and I warily ducked under the caution tape, making sure to watch our backs. It was two in the morning on a (now) Tuesday. At the time, this had seemed like the best window of opportunity, now, not so much.
Two weeks ago, the dorms caught fire. Though the rumors circulated that the fire started due to arson and/or insurance fraud, I was fairly certain this fire was caused by the faulty electric lines.
Jordan and I hid in an alcove while we waited for the dorm police to roll by.
"This is nuts," Jordan whispered, her eyes locked on the patrol car.
"This is awesome," I replied, just as scared.
"Yeah… that too."
The car was gone, and we went back to our mission. Starlight Hall was almost divided down the middle. One half was ash and a few resilient pieces of steel, the other totally intact. Workers had determined the entire thing was "destroyed" and "nothing could be retrieved". Of course that didn't stop bored college kids from looting the place.
We were not looking to steal so
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The Future's Lookin' Grim
The future's lookin' grim
Everyone is gay
The future's lookin' grim
The workers want paid
The future's look's grim
Let's waste today
I'm a politician
And I'm here to stay
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Mature content
Curiousity of the Prince :iconchubbycubby:chubbycubby 0 0
For Now, He Waits
For now, he waited. Shaun had taken a call, and went from calm high-school-style Spanish, to faster-than-a-soap-opera Spanish in a matter of seconds. Desmond couldn't understand Shaun a bit, but he could hear the exasperation in his voice.
The call ended, and Shaun slid the headphones off his head and put his head in his hands, "Go away, Desmond."
Desmond stayed where he was, "What's going on?"
Shaun paused, took a deep breath, and explained, "My supervisor thinks I got 'too emotional' in my last call. Well sorry, sir, but I was trying to give advice on how to sew up a major artery."
Desmond stepped closer and put his hand on Shaun's back.
Shaun pulled away, "She's dead."
"Shaun, no amount of information was going to fix that wound," Desmond said calmly.
"For fuck's sake, Desmond!" Shaun yelled, "I know that!"
Shaun stood up to storm away, but Desmond blocked him from walking anywhere.
"It's okay to be upset," Desmond whispered, "I'm not going to tell anyone."
Shaun looked away
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Mature content
Standing Still :iconchubbycubby:chubbycubby 1 0
Suite of Euphemisms
I. Bastard Prince
A kind sired an
Illegitimate son
the son had an estate
a few peasants
a nice wife
but he was no longer a son
not a prince
among his riches
he felt empty
what success
What was success?
II. Protection
A beautiful princess
wandered the land.
demons plagued her
A peasant gave her a blanket
He was the richest of them all
III. With a Tight-chest
O, child! You long
for death
and call it the future
IV. Dinner and a Movie
My eyes burn
Such is life
V. The Choice Isn't yours
It happened in slow motion
The gun was drawn
Everyone's face went white
"At least I won't
have to worry about
the cancer killing me."
was my thought
He jumped in front of the gun
VI. A Savior Arrives!
Don't leave
without you
life is dust
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Mature content
Asphyixation :iconchubbycubby:chubbycubby 1 0

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I'm one phat cat!
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